Justin Trudeau

Trudeaumania spreading, Journalists most affected

April 11, 2013

Get ready. Trudeaumania is here. It’s spreading from journalist to journalist, especially around Ottawa. Breathless reporting. Tired cliches. Overwrought prose. The free mixing of metaphors. Here’s a selection from some of our favourite Ottawa journalists fawning over Justin Trudeau, just as they fawned over Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff before him. Momentum is building. Hold onto something stable to avoid being swept up.


Susan Delacourt on Justin Trudeau:

“Trudeaumania grips Ottawa.”

“Absolutely stunning crowd meets Trudeau”

Susan Delacourt on Michael Ignatieff:

“I was out on the road with Ignatieff all summer long where he was talking to the crowds. He was able to get crowds.”

“Ignatieff is doing his job well. And that’s why there’s a lot of goodwill towards him. There’s a strong sense that this election’s not over yet, there’s a few days to go.”

Lawrence Martin on Justin Trudeau:

“Politics in the blood? Who among Mr. Trudeau’s challengers can match it? Under pressure, he’s reacted with equanimity.”

Lawrence Martin on Michael Ignatieff:

“When Michael Ignatieff ascends the platform, droops his head in a profound manner and reaches out in the form of an oracle, people listen.”

Lawrence Martin on Stephane Dion:

“Integrity. Unbending resolve. Power of intellect. Depth of character.There could well be some truth to the idea of the inevitability of the Liberal leader.”

Joan Bryden on Justin Trudeau:

“The launch was a testament to Trudeau’s star power. His already-high stock soared.”

“The event, expected to be attended by as many as 500 constituents, will showcase Trudeau’s undisputed talent for attracting and energising supporters.”

Joan Bryden on Michael Ignatieff:

“Michael Ignatieff is the oldest – and arguably the wisest – of the national party leaders on offer in the 2011 election.”

“Ecstatic Liberals in the hall gave him an ovation after almost every sentence. Moreover the party has rarely been so united.”

Aaron Wherry on Justin Trudeau:

“He baits the audience with a humble brag – and that somebody claps makes it all the better – then pivots to turn into a rallying cry for everyone in the room and all his supporters watching. The crowd, so complimented, loves it and Mr. Trudeau gets to finish over the resulting applause.”

Aaron Wherry on Michael Ignatieff:

“The leader is more eloquent, the platform more practical, the campaign has been relatively smooth. His town-hall meetings and rallies are well-attended.”

Aaron Wherry on Stephane Dion:

“Not until the sixth page of a seven-page speech did he start to sing, his speechwriters finally blessing him with text that nodded to inspiration.”

These journalists are entitled to their opinions, and to carefully select whatever facts they think best advance their views.

But, since all news passes through their journalistic filter, we need your help to get our message directly to Canadians. No filter. Just the facts. Without their snark and spin.

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